About Us

Greetings and Welcome to The Marketplace!

The Tayerre Marketplace is a small e-commerce thrill where we are able to sell goods online to people just like us.

Our target audience is made up of active people who have a disposable income to spend on novelties, electronics, accessories and such if not for themselves, then for others such as family members, co-workers, their mailperson, a little sister, and so on.

Although we think we know some things, we realize that we don't know much (even with Google and Wikipedia available) so we look forward to having you, our customers, reach out to us and be the crowdsourced buyers we need to keep our Marketplace stocked with items that you care about and will buy from us.

We have a presence on social media so reaching out to us through our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/TayerreMarketplace) or email (info@tayerremarket.com) is the best way to contact us.

We thank you for stopping by and we appreciate your patronage!



The Tayerre Team